Monday, October 10, 2016


On the 8th of September, 2016, a Faculty Development Program was organized for the faculty of GIM on the topic “Competency Based Education and how it can be adopted in Management Education”. The session was conducted by Ms. Shermila Rajapaksha

Regional Learning Development Business Partner (Middle East), South Asia & North Africa, CIMA, Sri Lanka.  An experienced educational mentor, Ms Rajapaksha conducted a highly interactive session in which management games were used to illustrate strategies of effective teaching in the contemporary classroom and of catering to students of diverse aptitudes.
On the 9th of September, 2016, a seminar was organised for the students and faculty of GITAM Institute of Management on Coaching and Mentoring Skills. The chief speaker was Mr. Ravindra Penmatsa, Founder, Acumentor. A highly decorated business leader with four decades of leadership experience in leading MNCs around the globe, Mr Ravindra is a business strategy expert. A passionate mentor and coach, he has coached and mentored several aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and teams across industries, through his organisation Acumentor based in Hyderabad. Mr Penmatsa highlighted the important role of coaching and mentoring in the industry, academia and daily life. He defined coaching as enabling the coachee to realise his own weakness and raise his own potential , whereas he explained mentoring as the process of an expert imparting direct knowledge to a student or junior. Mr Ravindra very lucidly and interestingly described the process of coaching and mentoring and how these could be used to help individuals transform their lives.
Large number of faculty and students benefitted from both the sessions and clarified their queries related to the field. Prof. P.Sheela, Principal, GIM was also present.

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