Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Going through an article which was in favour of caste based reservation system, I felt that it was such a sad thing which got rooted deep in the country. Though it’s a very sensitive topic I have decided to write on it. It’s not to hurt or degrade anyone but it’s only my opinion.

Caste based reservation is really a good concept, I would definitely agree, but it was only till a few decades ago. And now, it’s full of loopholes. This system was started for just few years to bring justice and equality among the citizens, but it has turned out to be a gigantic problem being faced by many now. Undeserving people are benefitting in many ways, instead of the meritorious and the poor.
Caste reservation should be rooted out in order to further develop the country in various dimensions and to make the country one of the powers of the world.

It is this system which is pulling down the country, we could say. Wherever you are, people start looking at your caste. You success is determined by it, in your education or in your profession.

Due to this system , a person without knowledge can reach high positions; is this not doing damage to country?

Well, due to this system, many people are getting the allowances which are not needed by them; is that not a loss to the country?

What about the rich who are also having reservations? It’s like providing benefits to the people who are already leading luxurious lives.
Is this called justice? Is this real development?

And, why should there be reservations when entrances are merit based? Is that how we expect to identify the gems and the real leaders in this country. It’s we the educated people who should turn out for a change, raise our voice and fight the injustice being done.

Ok! There might be a question of development, and to provide justice for all, the government should come up with various policies based on the income of the family. Incentives should be offered only on the basis of merit and to those who are financially backward. These are just some of my views offered with a sincere wish for the progress of my country.

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