Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Health is the most important thing that everyone must take care of. As the old rule goes “Health is Wealth”. As per this quote one must understand that proper health fitness needs to be there in order to do any work and to earn anything.

There should be a proper guide to guide you. These days we see youngsters consuming junk foods which have high levels of oil content etc. Respect what elders say, it might be the old principles or old methods they say and ask you to follow. Do follow them, because they are well experienced. I feel these steps would help people to stay fit and healthy:

           Firstly, stay hydrated, drink proper amount of water. As its cold weather, we mostly decrease water intake. But the fact is two litres/day of water is required for proper blood flow.

                               Go for running daily in the morning. I being an athlete, daily wake up at 4:00 and go for a jog/run. At least do this constantly for two/three months, as you do so, the muscles get fit and healthy. It makes you free from diseases like diabetes etc. It also helps in increasing lung function, boosts immune system, relieves from stress and boosts up the confidence levels. For women especially, running is the best medicine and I strongly recommend them to go for a run or a jog daily. This helps to avoid or control breast cancer, strokes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

                                  Exercise is the one of the major things to stay fit and healthy. Daily an hour’s workout would keep your muscles strong and you can work actively the whole day. During winters people don’t tend to go outside and stay under the cozy beds hiding their faces under the pillow sleeping. This makes them lazy and the muscles become tight and cannot move freely and quickly as needed. So my suggestion is though its cold outside, go out for a workout to keep your muscles strong and fit and give your day an active and an energized beginning.

                                   Proper diet should be followed and there should be control upon the things which a person eats. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts etc. Proper food intake is required to stay healthy and certain timings should be followed at regular intervals. Instead of having some hot food like junk foods outside, consume foods which have minerals and vitamins content. Consume some nourished soups which contain vegetables with proper flavor. Vegetables in the sense like green leafy vegetables, spinach, sprouts, sweet potato, beetroot, bananas, garlic, ginger etc. Next is milk, drink daily twice if possible, it has lots of calcium in it to keep our bones strong. And I personally recommend consuming foods which include vitamin E; vitamin A; zinc etc and these nutrients can be found mostly in sea foods like fish etc.

                               Proper sleep is an essential part of being healthy. Why is sleep very important? A proper sleep for a human being is 7-8 hours daily for an adult. If he/she sleeps more than that it makes you lazy and time unconsciousness increases, work gets pending etc. All these happen due to more amount of sleep. Coming to the kind of people with lack of proper sleep,  its caused due to depression, mental tensions, deprivation, loss of something, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking , all these are the things which prevents a person from having proper sleep. So avoiding this will help you to stay healthy; along with that follow the diet as per your requirements. And follow the steps regularly at the same time which you follow daily. Don’t change the timings.

                         Do proper meditation, yoga, stretches early in the morning to make your mind free from stress and your body free from pains or aches and to feel refreshed.

I summarize by saying-
  • Do regular exercise.
  • Eat food items which include proper vitamins and nutrients which are fresh enough.
  • Stop smoking which causes cancer and disturbs you in not having proper sleep.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, or reduce your consumption levels, and drink twice a week and that too less quantity if you are an addicted person. In that way you can reduce your drinking habit.
  • Have a good sleep.
  • Do meditation, yoga etc to stay fit.
  • Eat proper green leafy vegetables and foods which contain good amount of vitamins and nutrients.

I conclude by saying “stay fit and stay healthy” and be health conscious rather than money conscious. If you are healthy and fit enough, you can earn more than what you wished for.

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