Wednesday, February 8, 2017


"At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom." This speech is one of the famous speeches ever, which is known as Tryst of Destiny and was delivered by

Jawaharlal Nehru on 15 August, 1947. After listening to this, people of India were overjoyed and filled with hopes that after many years their country was left to them, but hopes and happiness were in vain. This is due to the fault of a group of reckless,irresponsible persons who do not react to anything that is happening in their country and who do not question any politicians,culprits and bureaucrats,that group is" Citizens who are majors and having voting ability".

According to me Indian Independence is "Shift of power from British Royals to High class and rich politicians. We cannot change history but we can change what is happening in present world. We people have to think that we are living in this country and our life will be better if we are responsible and if we question our system which is our right and duty. If we are responsible and perform our duties as citizens rather than ignoring mistakes, our country will be soon a developed nation. Every citizen above 18 should vote according to their opinions and for welfare of their nation rather than voting for parties according to benefits given to castes,religion,freebies given to us with our own taxes itself. Nowadays political parties are using film actors for campaigning which is changing their opinions on political parties. If we are not voting during elections, after each term, our votes will be void and this can be used for many malpractices by political parties. We should utilize all rights provided by government, that is our right.When we are united no government, no bureaucrats, no goons or anti socials and any foreign countries can threaten us or will enslave us. If we are not united and responsible our India will turn into Poland under USSR,Army controlled Myanmar,US controlled Chile,Cambodia under Polpot,Uganda under Idi Amin and many more. Rather than self trumpeting our India's history saying that we were great, rich and powerful and praising other countries like Singapore,UAE, we need to start thinking when our country would join these countries.

Thus, it depends upon us how we are responsible to our nation, how we perform duties as citizens and how many are following rules and regulations. If we follow these responsibilities, our India will be powerful and we can glorify our present and we can raise our heads and speak about our nation with pride.

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